4/20 Pot Protesters in the USA

4/20 is not a random date. It’s almost ‘420’ – insider shorthand for cannabis consumption. So on April the 20th thousands of people around the USA protested for legalization of marijuana. And police allowed them to light up pots across the country. 4/20 Pot Protesters in the USA (31 pics)

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2 Responses

  1. A person says:

    I think ‘allowed’ is a term I wouldn’t use at the top of the article. Truly, I believe it is great that people will stand for what they believe in. But it isn’t the ‘right to smoke weed’, it is the freedom to do what they wish to their own bodies. So weather it be sexuality, drugs, or jumping off of a building, it is their own right to do so. Freedom and independence.

  2. Aurell says:

    wow! All that second hand smoke.. imagine the after effects of smoking AND inhaling smoke at the same time! Oh well, their choice :U

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