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Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V

The editor-in-chief of magazine V considers that the more beauty is the better.
Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

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  1. Nemu says:

    haha, not that i wanna crash down on anyone’s party,.. but none of these woman are that believable. for one thing, they might have fat in ‘obvious’ places, but if you held up a hand, blocking everything but face, oh you could photoshop the heads into some much thinner bod, given the skills of some people..but that too is just another assumption =D

    that said, i think the reason why ‘fat’ is out is because it is by appearance-displeasing. that and more often than not, proof that the person in question is not taking care of themselves well enough. so said by many ‘thin’ liking types. what these same people take longer to ‘get’ is that, ‘thin’ people may be just the same. ie, and/or may be naturally like that.

  2. zipp says:

    The media can call them ‘real women’ etc etc. But they are simply fat.

    How many fat women want fat boyfriends? Not very many.

  3. Paulo Perez says:

    some of the pictures were very wholsome.Fantastic”

    The Fashionisto- the latest in fashion from runaway to print, from fresh face to leading man;Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ” Oscar Wilde”http://thefashionisto.com/

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