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Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V

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The editor-in-chief of magazine V considers that the more beauty is the better.
Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)


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60 Responses

  1. dan says:

    why cant we just call a fat woman fat, whats with the thick thing. Some look nice but they are all fat

  2. Shannon says:

    I think you’ll find the those women are not fat, they are NORMAL sized to slightly overweight; which is the problem with the depiction of women in media. Women that are used in photos are all tiny, so everyone has come to expect that all women are supposed to be small in size to be attractive. Curvy women are beautiful, skinny girls generally do not have the same body shape. And by curves I do not mean giant tits…I mean hips and thighs as well as; all those girls you see in boys mags or porn or whatever are thin and 95% of the time have fake boobs – this does not make them curvy, or attractive. From what I’ve figured out, those boy’s magazine photoshop THE SHIT out of the pictures they take, more so then a fashion magazine (in my opinion)…No wonder so many men have unreal expectations of female beauty…

  3. Ummm....no. says:

    @dan They’re average. That’s the average size for women in America. And besides every single guy I know would prefer a girl that was nice and round, and actually had an ass and tits compared to some anerexic cheerleader type because “LIKE OMGZ I shoot heroin so I can weigh 56 pounds! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.” If something like that is really the ideal of beauty then fuck…

  4. sunshine says:

    I am a size 0 and I don’t shoot heroin, so it is possible to be nice and thin without being anorexic or a drug addict. You just need self-control and you have to exercise your ass off. All these ladies do is participate in burger-eating contests. At least they look like that. They are not average by any means, they are fat. Period. Very fat. Look at the last picture: can you imagine how much extra weight those bones have to wear? It’s like a slimy fatball. It’s just disgusting.
    Fat is going to kill you!

  5. Ashley says:

    Someone’s angry that, in order to be able to even ACCEPT themselves, they have to work their ass off and deprive themselves of treats, while these girls look like goddesses and men fall over themselves to get their attention ;)

  6. Ashley says:

    “it is possible to be nice and thin”

    Nobody said you were nice ;)

  7. Jessi says:


    You’re retarded.
    These women are voluptuous and beautiful.

    Maybe you should shoot heroin, do us all a favor.

  8. Valencia says:


    Thin isn’t necessarily attractive. Who are you to say that they aren’t beautiful. Because I don’t think a size 0 is beautiful, but it is my opinion and that doesn’t make it true. I’m a size 9, and would love to be curvier.

    So keep you disrespectful comments to yourself.

  9. Ryne says:

    Looks like someone has an eating disorder.

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