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Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V

The editor-in-chief of magazine V considers that the more beauty is the better.
Photoshoot of thick models for magazine V (9 pics)

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  1. JW says:

    Thinness is only a Victorian era ” beauty” ideal. It was not the ideal up until then by any means. It meant you were poor! The reason America is the 3rd fattest nation based on population ratio is prosperity!

    The more prosperous and equally distrusted wealth is in a nation more people can eat and do eat.

    The commenter above is correct if you travel to non-westernized nations and show them size 0-6 models they will ask why is ”she so skinny”.

    Also, the to the commenter who said a size 0 now is bigger than it used to be is nonsense.

    Here is another fact for you. People used to make their own clothes and commercial production was only prevalent after the WW1.

    Sizes came later and changed depending upon the nation and era!!

    Also,women are 3 inches taller on average than they used to be.

    Just so you are aware, this is not an excuse for obesity, they are just facts.

    Another point is I am a US size 8 @5’5. Not fat at all, but busty with booty!

    I refuse to ”kill” myself to defeat my half Celtic/ half German genetics.

  2. Hexi says:

    I look like these women and play team sports, exercise and eat what I want. I’m in better shape than my size 1 friend and my doctor is VERY happy with my weight. I can run around and have loads of fun. I’m also on a roller derby team and am one of the best blockers. Some women are plus sized and very out of shape, but a lot of us are actually healthy. We are proud to be the way we are, and those of us who aren’t, it’s a shame that the focus is that you need to lose weight. The focus should be to be healthy and active and if you don’t lose the weight but gain MUSCLE and can play with your children and what not it’s just as good.

  3. Kaite says:

    I have a friend who is a size 0. She pulls it off because that’s just the way her body is. She eats as much as anyone else, snacks on junk food every now and then, and doesn’t exercise too terribly much. It’s just genetic. Her mother was the same way before having her first child, which rounded out her hips and thighs. My friend will probably end up the same way.

    On the other hand, I’m a size 10, and my diet and exercise is about the same as my friends. I just have a more hourglass shape. I have childbearing hips, there’s no getting around that. My actual hip bones are more wide set, I have to have more fat and a larger pant size to be healthy. That doesn’t mean my body can’t look as good as my friend’s.

  4. kopns says:

    Lets not forget that these photos are photoshopped. Even these women are a glamorization of what an actual plus size woman looks like. These women have beautiful faces, but they are indeed overweight. Good for them for having confidence; but it isn’t right to promote this as the natural or healthy way to be. There are various body types and body shapes. Thin isn’t always healthy. However, recently there has been a push for acceptance of “curvy” or “plus-size” women. The problem being that most of these women are just fat or even obese. A good example of a curvy young woman would be Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, or Beyonce. They are considered fat by young hollywood standards, but are in shape, curvy women. To me, THEY are the good examples for young girls who have “thicker” bodies. Not the women pictured above.

  5. Jack says:

    Damn, thats hot

  6. Jezzi says:

    You’re actually very wrong about being evolutionarily predisposed to be disgusted by unhealthy women like this. You’re right that we are biologically drawn to certian types of people, but we are attracted more the the larger girls than the smaller, larger girls show that they are financially able to eat ( this is an old school one), also a huge one, is the ability to bare children. You start menstrating once you hit a weight that can handle child birth, many size zero’s and models, STOP menstrating, because they aren’t actually capable of sustaining a child. Hips represent fertility, childbearing, reproducing, these are the biological basis to human beings, and larger girls show that ability far more than skinny girls.

    Also, a few tidbits, there was a study in a mens magazine in europe that ended up naming size 10 as most desirable to men, this was achieved through surveys to thousands of men. A size 10… oh no, double digits!
    Marilyn Monroe, still often considered one of the most beautiful women ever, was at her largest a 16.

    I’m a size 14, I eat healthy, I never eat out, I actually cook my food, I exercise regularly, no I don’t work out, I don’t need to in my opinion, my doctor praises me for my health. But I have big hips, I have fat, I am ” fat” by a lot of people on here’s definition.
    But, I’m healthy, I’m happy, and the smallest I ever would want to be is a 10, no smaller.
    Also for the comments about fat girls getting guys. Look around, the fat girls get a lot of guys, they get hit on more, guys like the extra meat. I’ve never gone more than 6 months without a boyfriend, I get hit on obnoxiously often, more than my “skinny” friends ( even though they’re still extra sexy lol)

    I guess theres a bit of a difference though, there are the fat girls that carry the weight well and look healthy ( I have a thin face and smoother fat curves lol) and then there are the ones that don’t, with the double chins, and the rolls and such.
    That is the unhealthy unattractive fat.

    What it boils down to, eat healthy, exercise but don’t kill yourself over it. Stay healthy in the doctors eyes, not the uneducated masses eyes. Be true to yourself. If you want to be thin, if your naturally thin, if you pull of thin, then rock it. If you’re curvier, if no matter what your hips don’t get smaller, or even if you prefer that look. As long as you’re healthy, and happy
    rock that too.

  7. kell says:

    I am a vegan, and a triathlete, and I work in a very physical job. I train for AT LEAST 2 hours a day and I NEVER eat junk food, and usually wear anywhere from size 6 – size 10. I can assure you most people who do a lot of exercise and eat healthily are NOT a size zero. If i were to starve myself enough to become a size zero i would probably become very malnourished and i would not be able to make it through a race. People`s bodies are different. Some people naturally have more fat some people have less even if you exercise and don`t eat burgers.

    A lot of people find these womem to be healthy and beautiful. If you don`t like it don`t look at it. It`s that simple.

  8. Nemu says:

    haha, not that i wanna crash down on anyone’s party,.. but none of these woman are that believable. for one thing, they might have fat in ‘obvious’ places, but if you held up a hand, blocking everything but face, oh you could photoshop the heads into some much thinner bod, given the skills of some people..but that too is just another assumption =D

    that said, i think the reason why ‘fat’ is out is because it is by appearance-displeasing. that and more often than not, proof that the person in question is not taking care of themselves well enough. so said by many ‘thin’ liking types. what these same people take longer to ‘get’ is that, ‘thin’ people may be just the same. ie, and/or may be naturally like that.

  9. zipp says:

    The media can call them ‘real women’ etc etc. But they are simply fat.

    How many fat women want fat boyfriends? Not very many.

  10. Paulo Perez says:

    some of the pictures were very wholsome.Fantastic”

    The Fashionisto- the latest in fashion from runaway to print, from fresh face to leading man;Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ” Oscar Wilde”http://thefashionisto.com/

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