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Weird Tattoos

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Another selection of fresh tattoos in the WTF style.
Weird Tattoos (39 pics)

Weird Tattoos (39 pics)

Weird Tattoos (39 pics)

Weird Tattoos (39 pics)

Weird Tattoos (39 pics)

Weird Tattoos (39 pics)


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6 Responses

  1. Georgina says:

    whats so weird about the koi fish and dandelion tattoo?

  2. Ayu says:


    The Dandelion & The Koi Fish is beautiful. But picture no.18 is the most suck. Should kick the tattoo maker. It look liked the devil child..

  3. i think considering the placements MNIT , JECRC , LNMIIT are best choice for Best MBA Placements Colleges…

  4. Marvin says:

    The dandilion tat was chuffing ace…

  5. unicornmilk says:

    1 needs to be finished, then it’d be cool, 2 made me smile YAY COMIX! 3 reminds me of Shel Silverstein 4 needs to DIE 5 just…wtf? 6 is insanely badass except no one will ever feel comfortable hitting it from behind 7 i love 8 just, wow, he must hate himself 9 will be fine if he just stays as drunk forever as he was when he got this tat 10 ew 11 dude i’m sos orry 12 is what a run-on sentence would look like it it were compiled into art 13 it’s BAT-BOY from weekly world news!!! lmao 14 awww :) 15 now everytime someone wants to do you they have to think about flying puppies 16 his tat is more athletic than he is 17 ew 18 ew 19 EEEEWWWW! 20 needs to go to the beach with #3 21 needs to go arcading with #2 22 ha 23 haw haw 24 hahaha 25 AUUUGHHH *sob* 26 lame 27 lamer 28 ew 29 penis 30 no one will read it 31 ew 32 penis? 33 lame 34 lame 35 your stupidity prospered 36 niiiice 37 ha! 38 WABLAW 39 proving everybody right

  6. A says:

    You know what’s weird about the dragon one with the Chinese word above it? The word means “pain”. Well, duh, it’s a tattoo

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