Adolf Hitler. Unpublished Photos


Adolf Hitler. Unpublished Photos (39 pics)


Previously unpublished photos of Hitler surfaced not long ago, and our visboo team has scanned the library sources to get the hands on them. Here, meet the previously unseen photos of Hitler as a man and as a statesman.

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32 Responses

  1. James says:

    heil hitler!! heil hitler!! heil hitler!!! heil hitler!! heil hitler!!! heil hitler!!! heil hitler!!! heil hitler!!!heil hitler!!

  2. Mimi says:

    Interesting and disturbing. Reminiscent of the current presidency in the US.

    • American says:

      I see below that many don’t agree with this comment, but I see several parallels. Hitler was brilliant. Loved by many at first, brought hope to the people. Lied to the people, however, about his plans. Then, systematically removed their freedoms and was reviled at the end. Many similarities. We may see more as Obama accelerates in the next two years.

  3. mike says:

    you know, its suprising how much of a genius he was (militarily speaking) but when he really lost his mind towards the end and started stretching out his defence lines, he lost the war that he could have easily won, but he got greedy, and greedy men fall off their high pedestals one way or another

  4. Bismark says:

    Reminiscent of the current presidency in the US.

    The above comment is about the dumbest quote I’ve seen. And no doubt made by someone who isn’t American but reads left wing press. I’m fairly right wing and see no comparison to the NSDAP. Nobody is being rounded up and sent to death camps. Nobody is being denied citizenship or a career based on race or religion.

    #3) If AH had been a genius in the military sense, he’d have paid more attention to ppl who had traveled to other countries. He might not have invaded Russia and opened a 2nd front, something he said he’d never do. He wouldn’t have made Jews the enemy which they were not to begin with. He was brilliant in many ways true enough. But he (sadly) turned out to be his own worst enemy. The world we live in today is the result of the world he left us. btw … Germans who had been to the USA warned him of America’s immense industrial capacity, but he could not visualize what they were saying. Declaring war on the USA was a no win from that point on to the end.

    • patrik says:

      What you don´t say!!! Of course you wouldn’t be told by you teacher or by the murderers who invaded Europe 1945 that the sob called eisenhauer (a) eisenhower let die by starvation one and a hal million german soldiers behind barbed wire fences guarded by machine gun armored bastards in the meadows of the Rhine. Christ said once: the ones who feel innocent, throw the first stone, If I should continue with the murders of the US army I would need a whole book.

  5. Wolf says:

    Mimi`s quote: Interesting and disturbing. Reminiscent of the current presidency in the US.

    This entity has no clue about history nor about the precense. No wonder he/she is from US.

  6. lux says:

    Miren el Hombre!
    Y quien puede estar seguro de que este es un hombre despiadado?

  7. Vishnu Ramakrishnan says:

    This is the synthetic relation between a ‘president’ and the people. This is applicable to all ‘presidents’.

  8. Michal says:

    Hitler smiled to christian children and killed millions of children of another religions.
    what a nice man!

  9. Boris Badenov says:

    The Fuhrer was kind, the Fuhrer was gentle. He was also a great dancer, he could dance the pants off Churchill.

  10. Bismark says:

    AH might have known how to do the waltz, among his generation and group that would be more likely then the foxtrot. Having said that, my uneducated guess is he probably didn’t dance at all. Among all the photos that have been published over these many years, I have yet to see any of him on a dance floor. I don’t think it was his sort of thing.

    Michal … point taken but there’s something people in these more politically correct, brainwashed times seem to forget if any ever knew. The chief thing that made he and his kind so dangerous, and most especially him, was the fact that they were honest and true believers. Hitler actually believed the things he said about Jews for example. He had no brief against them in his growing up years. But later, he became fanatical in his views. He was absolutely certain that Jews were a threat and that they were the enemy of his people and indeed he came to believe they were the enemy of civilization itself. So, it’s a bit difficult to say that in many ways he was a kind man, but in fact in many ways he was.
    Kind of hard to rectify I know. Something happened somewhere inside his head, I’ve never been able to work it out completely. His thinking wasn’t too far removed from the 19th century along with so many of his generation. But he did become twisted somehow, and we are still paying the price today for the world he brought into being. Not a happy thought that.

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