American Long-Married Couples

As Long As We Both Shall Live” is a documentary created in the USA. It researches the marriage situation in America for the last three generations. All marriages that are shown in this project have the same feature. They all last for at least 40 years!

Can you imagine being happy with your second half for this period of time? Personally I would love to marry once and forever though it often sounds like a fairy tale nowadays.

Irwin and Evelyn, Chevy Chase, MD (1997) – married 1950

American Long-Married Couples (12 pics)

Chia and Hat, Arlington, VA (2000) – married 1942

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  1. Robert Fass says:

    As the creator of the As Long As We Both Shall Live project, I invite any interested viewers to read the accompanying profiles and interviews of these and many other couples, at the official project website:

    Robert Fass, NYC

  1. July 1, 2010

    [...] American Long-Married Couples – Visboo [...]

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