Atrocities of American Troops in Iraq


Soldiers Force Children to See Saw Until They Give Up Information!

Atrocities of American Troops in Iraq (9 pics)

Soldier Forces Child to Hang By Fingertips – Just for Fun

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4 Responses

  1. Mr. Skungeous says:

    There are some bad eggs, but not every egg is bad. Bravo to those soldiers who set a good example. A respectful military is the engineering corps that builds bridges.

  2. AHT says:

    @Mr. Skungeous

    I completely agree. I especially liked the “Rations Shortage; Soldiers Begin Eating Children” one haha

  3. Erick says:

    I wonder why I only see this online rather than the media. Go figure.

  4. Mitchell says:

    Yuup, some do good things, but there are those that kill innocent children and pose with their corpses.

    im sure theyre doing more bad than good… kids need to do their research and smarten up.

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