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Hi visitors of Visboo!

As you might notice we have a “Submit your post” link in the top part of the website. This can be used to submit your own posts. The posts are hold for moderation.

We’ve started receiving some posts already, but some of them lack the attached photos, so if you submitted something recently and don’t see it published, like for example the posts “Oregon Reflections” or “What can you find playing golf”, then the photos have not been attached, we encourage you to resubmit!

Also there is a rating system being implemented which was planned to rate posts to filter according to your interest, it can be found in top right corner of posts (two colored thumbs for now).

That’s what I wanted to tell you. Hope you enjoy visiting the site!

Hey, it’s cat!

Hey, its cat!

It’s just a cat!

Flying Around

Flying Around

Just a guy flying around…

Mind Bending

Mind Bending

Try not to brake your eyes here

Cat Fruit Ninja

Cat Fruit Ninja

Cat likes your Fruit Ninja game too.