Camouflage for California

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During World War II the Japanese attack seemed imminent as herds of the enemy submarines were detected close to the California shores. One of the submarines fired some shots into a San Francisco oil refinery. So the US commander Omer, who was in charge of the coastal defense organized one of the greatest camouflaging events in the history of the mankind. To assist him in this endeavor he turned to Hollywood studios who willingly participated in this plan crafting many thousand of acres of the artificial landscapes which roofed above the strategic US objects such as Lockheed and Douglas factories and US air-force airbases. Here are some rare photos of this great task being performed in just a few days.

Above you see the factory uncovered, let’s see how it was hidden from the Japanese airplanes eyes:

This one is not a real farm! It’s a crafty Hollywood illusion covering this strategic factory beneath!


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