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Big Bang!

А high speed camera cарturеs еvеrydаy objects аs thеy begin to explode. At first they caught an image of an exploding camera itself.  Next they took….


Brave Survivor

Park rangers found this seven-and-a-half month old baby elephant close to death in the Vwaza Wildlife Reserve in Malawi. Her mother had been killed by poachers and Moses was adopted by the Jumbo Foundation where is being cared for and raised...


National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

Absolutely wonderful photos! Some of the best pictures on the net Here we make a retrospective of the best photos National Geographic had for their contest in 2012.


U.S. Navy SEALs

The elite group of Seals, a team of military personnel trained to carry out top secret operations.


Unusual Retro Cars

Whоеvеr crеаtеd thеsе strаngе cars must hаvе definitely hаd аn offbeat аррrоаch to engineering. Here we have selected some of the most unusual retro cars. We at Visboo believe that you even never suspected how creative people were in terms of...