Censorship in Iran

Magazines which are on sale in Iran, should be issued according to local laws. Open shoulders, knees and a decollete of women are usually painted over by black colour.Censorship in Iran: PART 2 (31 pics)

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9 Responses

  1. vladcs says:

    Idiots, retards and hypocrites. Is it really an accident, the connection to their religion?

  2. blah says:

    yeah. some real religious idiot freaks.

  3. angie says:

    Seems made up to me. I mean, like anyone is going to take the time to go through all of the magazines with permanent markers. This is a trooooolllll :P

  4. asiangirl says:

    stupid..this is actually ridiculous thing..you just made it by yourself and you said this is from iran magazine..what actually you want to prove??! I’m even from islamic country..but my country never do such ridiculous thing..this is actually what in western people’s mind!! STOP SEE US FROM WRONG PERSPECTIVE!!!

  5. thenewkorguser says:

    It is true friends, strict Islam ism

  6. navygunner says:

    As a muslim you should know that there are several levels. There are some sects that are extreme and still stone people to death and there are the ones that don’t care one way or another. I’m married to latter and she’s Persian. So just because you are musilim doesn’t mean that you know it all, so sit down and shut up!

  7. fromiran says:

    this is not made up, this is reality, don’t believe it? take a trip to iran and go buy one of those magazines.
    what do u expect? in a countery where women HAVE TO cover themselves u think they will let uncovered ladies show up in magazines?

  8. Afghan says:

    Islam is the best but Iranians are the worst people on the surface of the earth.

  9. Deadhead says:

    Turn that place into a gigantic bong.

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