CIA Tricks During Cold War

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While exploring his grand dad’s old books a guy has found a copy of the old CIA hand book full of different tricks they tend to use during 60s-70s. We at Visboo has studied the book too and here are select pages and tricks.

The CIA used many tricks during the Cold War and some of them were magical ;)
CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

First trick was called “Secret Compartments” and is pretty smart. I bet a lot of modern day smugglers have their gas tank divided too. Let’s see what’s next:

CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

Another trick for the smugglers. A cavity inside tightly packed container can give you secret space too.

CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

Secret signals to communicate. I think this is a pretty well known trick and you can do this with your friend, just for funs.

CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

Scratching a back can be a good hidden signal technics as it’s easily seen in a distance and rarely used in real life.

CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

This is how you can steal your report from the boss desk – just put some wax or pieces of gum on the book. Put the book on the table, talk to the boss, then remove the book.. and your report.

CIA Tricks During Cold War (7 pics)

Then when you have your paper you can fold it secretly with just one hand (needs some training, we at visboo tried it!) or just pass it to your co-worker (or co-spy).


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