Colour Photographs of Nazi Germany

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7 Responses

  1. chris says:

    very interesting…but HOW does come the black and white pic with the APPLE COMPUTER INC Box into that page ? ? :)

  2. Kieran bilginer says:


  3. Andrew says:

    Very interesting, especially for the uniform colours; and coming from LIFE before, basically, 1942 and America entering the war. However, the photo showing the four men and the one woman walking down the country road are, I think, Polish and not German. (You’ll note they have plain belt buckles; the men’s caps have a bit of a square top to them; they’re wearing puttees and not jackboots; have oversized collars on their brownish greatcoats etc.)

  4. Kevin says:

    You know that photo that says, Ein volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furher? You know what would have been hilarious? If someone put a sign up under that which said Ein Rand. Nazis were not known for there sense of humor though :(.

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