Consequences of alcohol, drugs and other bad habits

The problems of alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling are still important today. There is no easy way to get rid of it. Social advertising is there to draw attention to these social problems. It is always well done and often, it is shocking. Consequences of alcohol, drugs and other bad habits (63 pics)

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5 Responses

  1. Josh Plum says:

    How old are these? Im assuming back when they could lie about marijuana trying to brainwash the public

  2. adhd says:

    glad to see only a few were about cannabis, BTW it does NOT kill your “grey matter”/brain cells, it has recently been proven to actually help them, it will be legal soon anyhow, ALL drugs should be legalised and obtained from Drs or the state or whatever, get control away from org` crime, look how much money is lost and how much is spent fighting this failure of a war. in 1800s 1.3% of the population were addicts, stop at a few points til u get to present day, 1800, 1850, 1900 and so on, guess what the figure is still 1.3%……prohibition makes the problems much worse. and no i dont like hard drugs one bit. heroin is illegal are u going to take it, NO (i hope) now lets say its legal, will u take it, NO. nah josh, i think its a mix, remeber mate back in the day most of the “drug” ones would be about weed. things are improving :p

  3. postman pat says:

    I agree with adhd all drugs should be legal and obtained in a controlled fashion from doctors / chemists, organised crime will be delt a major blow and a vast loss of income , police forces will be released to fight real crime, no more bad products in cutting hence less deaths. No recorded deaths from a marijuana overdose on record that I have found

  4. adhd says:

    yea man, ANYONE who thinks i am just some stoner daydreaming i suggest u go look this up, LEAP (Law Enforcment Against Prohibition)…..i have ADHD and when i was younger had someone dare suggest id be a pothead i would have kicked their ass TWICE, i am so so glad i discovered the truth, having a smoke now and then (more now than then lol) has saved my life….kept me out of trouble ironically lol, here is a great link to google, hempnowbook, we were ALL lied to, hemp can and will save our sick planet, go see why its REALLY illegal, here is a hint it has jackshit to do with harms or safety, MONEY, and that is true there has NEVER been an OD of pot, the LD50 (lethal dose 50%) is so so high it isnt possible to die from it, plus u would need to consume about a kilo within 10 or 15 minutes…the real dangerous drugs in society are alcohol and tobacco, the gateway theory and mental illness theory are utter BS too, usually some idiot trying to make a name for themselves and/or puppets of the pharma/booze/tobacco industries, oh yea and private prisons WTF is that man, u know they get between 500 and 5000 PER DAY PER PRISONER, no wonder they want to keep pot illegal, like 40% of all prisoners are in for drug offences

  5. dorf says:

    i agree with everyone here-pot should be legal.
    before i started smoking, i was very violent and hyperactive. and its only addictive if you let it be.
    compared to alcohol or cigarettes-boy i wish i never started smoking tobacco and with withdraws from alcohol suck-its about as bad as waking up after a night of hagin out with jack or jim.

    :)-& one thing about these ads is- what do a plane flying past the twin towers and crashing into a river have to do with drunk driving?

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