Elly – very popular girl from Vietnam

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People say that Elly is the hottest girl from Vietnam.I haven’t seen a lot of Vietnamese girls, but I must admit that Elly is very cute.There is not a lot of information about her, but it seems like Elly is the Vietnamese Tila Tequila.
Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)

Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)

Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)

Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)

Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)

Elly - very popular girl from Vietnam (30 pics)


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163 Responses

  1. Kacheewyboo says:

    Please, you take any average looking asian girl, get her a shit load of plastic surgery (breast job, have her nose raised *many asian girls do to look more white*, have her eyes made bigger) put really good makeup on her, some slutty clothes and BAM! You get this chick. Nothing special when you can buy it.

  2. ML says:

    for the record tila tequila is viet… american but viet none the less

  3. doomclock says:

    It’s a big thing with asians to look white, I don’t get it. My wife is filipino and tells me about all her friends getting skin whitening treatments and pills.Yeah and they all get nose jobs jobs because a good amount of asians end up with the smash nose. Natural beauty is virtually non existant these days.

  4. Kay says:

    WTF? why is she even that popular? she’s pretty, but nothing special

  5. wqo says:

    she is not cute……….but she got a big breast!i would like to hav sex wit her!squeeze her breast surely make me comfortable!

  6. dprj says:

    I like her. She is bold,hot,sexy,cute,buity. I want to marry with her.
    Also I want to take her long kiss.

  7. godfrey says:

    i can say you are the angel people are saying , ur pics give me hope of life that people like you are existing plz i want you to be my friend
    hope to received ur prompt response

  8. Crystal says:

    Pretty face. Shame about the ridiculous fake breasts.

  9. Angiie x3 says:

    She’s not that cute to tell youh the truth.
    She’s kind of ugly
    She must have crappy teeth cuz she doesn’t smile that much (showing her teeth)
    Her boobs are freaken fake
    If youh wanna see real, big, bulging boobies, just come over and look at my sisters
    They’re 100% real!!! I am not kidding youh people.
    Oooh and to see a really cute girl go on facebook and look up Alexyss Leiker
    She’s sooo cute!!!
    And no, this is not me because I am not full of myself.
    And she’s very popular for everything.

  10. Beauty Appreciator says:

    I think this young lady is very lovely, and a joy to view.
    I wish her the very best in all endeavors, & hope she carves out a piece of happiness in this–sometimes–bitter, jealous, and cruel world.

    [P.S. It *IS* possible for women to grow their very own breasts of all sizes…as it turns out, it’s kind of this neat little trick that we have. When we go through puberty, we magically are able to become curvaceous, & womanly. The interesting part of that is how we are all unique, & can look different than one another! I know! Crazy, huh?

    Hell, I don’t know if they’re real, but the point is, they COULD be, and regardless, the young lady is beautiful.]

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