Funny Collection of Demotivational Posters

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Funny Collection of Demotivational Posters. Part 3 (52 pics)

Funny Collection of Demotivational Posters. Part 3 (52 pics)

Funny Collection of Demotivational Posters. Part 3 (52 pics)


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12 Responses

  1. harry says:

    Can’t believe it, so hilarious!!!

  2. MMM says:

    Can someone explain the lego terrorist? what am i supposed to see, all I see is a lego terrorist.

  3. fer cyccone says:

    ’cause when you see a lego terrorist you will sh*t LEGO bricks…the funny things are the texts…but the diversity one is scary, can someone explain that to me ????

  4. lauren says:

    @fer cyccone
    its called ashura. shiite muslims think that inflicting wounds on children as young as a month old and men as old as 100 honors their martyr hussein. another reason why islam is a fucked up religion

  5. lauren says:

    @fer cyccone
    edit: SOME shiites believe in slicing the foreheads of men and boys. others are against it

  6. Dickson says:

    Actually Lauren there is nothing in the religion that allows for it, wounding yourself is forbidden, but try telling Shias that. Still though, it isn’t like Shias are the only ones that brought their own ideas into it, Sufis are just as messed up.

  7. Ty says:

    Iggy pop has never actually had any plastic surgery, just crazy drug rampages.

  8. Mina says:

    I take offense at the Harry/Draco poster. Fans of Harry/Draco are actually straight girls; think of straight guys obsession with lesbian and apply it in reverse. There are millions, count MILLIONS of Harry/Draco fangirls. So by saying that it makes dumbass believe that stuff happens is highly offensive. Please remove it.

  9. manda says:

    the beliefs of shiite are NOT related to Islam, they’re more like the rituals of Hindu in India, if the shiite idiots are calling themselves Muslims that doesn’t mean they are really Muslims.

    btw “lauren”, one can find similar rituals in some groups of Christians or jews, so are they fucked up religions too? or you’re a fucked up fanatic trying to attack Islam?

  10. Nick says:

    Anyone care to explain what the “Women Fake” macro is referencing with that pic?

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