Girl or Toy?

It’s hard to say, either it’s a girl or a toy.The author keeps it secret. Girl or Toy? (22 pics)

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3 Responses

  1. annonymous says:

    I think it’s a little to suggestive. I would wonder who this child is and check it out with the photographer to see where she came from.

  2. louise says:

    not nice , very strange pictures of a little girl ??????????/

  3. wanderingone says:

    I would say obviously a girl and a very young girl as well!

    I just think that taking those sort of images could possibly
    cause that girl some emotional problems in later life.
    She doesn’t look at all happy in any of them and it’s my guess that
    the photographer and probably the girl as well are both from Japan.

    They do have an odd taste for the bizarre there.

    I don’t think that young children should be allowed to be featured in photographs which are adult in content. The images are a little disturbing because of the age of the child and will probably be most appreciated with people with odd fetishes.

    Some may view it as art but I think that a lot of people might feel uncomfortable looking at images like that.

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