This was the biggest aircraft up to date. It’s length was over the 245 metres (or 800 feet!). It could ran as fast as 140 mph (200 km/h).


It was built by Nazis in Germany. At that time Germany was not on the war with all the world, so one day the Hidenburg Zeppelin took course to New York.



And after a lengthy flight above Atlantics the mighty giant appeared in the skies of the Big Apple. Thirty one wealthy passengers served by sixty one crew members we gliding with a speed of a helicopter above the endless water surface to reach USA shores a few days later.


As time passed those Germany – New York flights became routine, more than thirty flights were processed at that time.

At that times the swastika can be seen in the skies of New York. Germany was at peace with everyone and its leaders we welcomed everywhere.

But one day something happened and the big giant crashed in the horrible accident with over hundred victims burned to death.


The reasons of the disaster of the great Nazi machine in the US skies is still unclear.

That disaster scared Hitler so much that he personally ordered to stop the production of two other giant zeppelins of Germany and cease the creation of the new ones.



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