Hilarious Guy

He has become a local celebrity in England because he randomly appears on live news reports for the last couple of months. He appears on TV at random times and at random locations wherever there is a camera crew. His nikname is “News Raider”. He seems to be a hilarious freak whose name is reportedly Paul Yarrow.


Hilarious Guy (25 pics)

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2 Responses

  1. Soapbox Soldier says:

    The ‘hilarious freak’ that you are referring to is actually a highly commended (and multi award winning) social care worker, who is trying to raise awareness of the ‘auto-cutie’ mentality of the news media and television. Modern media has labelled obese people as a comedic sidenote, whos opinions are not only never taken seriously, but are seldom taken at all. The point of this ‘news raider’ is to show that no matter how many appearances he has made, the microphone is always passed to the person next to him purely because he is not one of the so called beautiful people…he is just trying to make a point, and by the looks of things, comments like ‘hilarious freak’ only support his cause…just because some people are not ‘good looking’ by social standards, it does not mean that they do not have valid opinions and intelligent answers. How many attractive people have you seen that can barely put an intelligent sentence together or even show the slightest bit of acumen, yet are praised as role models for our children? That man has done more for the community and it’s people in the last 2 years than you could possibly do in a lifetime….

    Next time, do some research before you pass judgement. People like Paul Yarrow deserve respect for their actions, not criticism…

  2. mkultra says:

    I’ve thoroughly researched it and come to the conclusion that he is indeed ugly. And a fool.

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