How to Ruin Someone’s Life

How to Ruin Someone's Life (4 pics)

Find his Facebook profile.Find his girlfriend.

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  1. Konraden says:


    Absolutely agree. I have no less than six (6) emails. One for spam, one for family and friends, one as my online handle, one professional (this one is my name), one for school, and one for signing up to everyone and everyone’s mothers’ website.

  2. crash says:

    he deserved it !!!!

  3. Trololol says:

    Haha, I know that guy! :b

  4. Wet Fart says:

    I love how “i cant now baby. my cousin is next door.” is a perfectly good excuse. What the fuck does that mean?

  5. James says:

    What a bitch, so unnecessary.

  6. Kate says:

    He’s engaged to someone else nowww

  7. Yeti says:

    Why the fk would you even do that. Evil Bitch!

  8. lol says:

    lol. that’s fucking funny. pretty mean, but awesome. He prob deserved it

  9. bi_girl says:

    hahaha that’s fucking awesome, of course he deserved it! i’d wanna know if my bf was talking to some other girl behind my back, you did that poor girl a huge favor by showing her what an asshole that guy is. Why the hell would anyone feel bad for him? I feel bad for the girl he was dating, she probably feels really insecure like she wasn’t good enough for her bf :( i’d like to make her feel better about herself, she’s gorgeous ;)

    • Konraden says:

      Absolutely. The dude is a complete douche-nozzle. There is absolutely zero sympathy for that fucknugget, except perhaps from people who themselves are cheating scumbags.

  10. sorry says:

    What an evil bitch, I hope someone ruins her life. What gives her the right?


    That is pretty damn funny.

  11. joe says:

    i need a girlfreind reaaly bad

  12. Jessie J says:

    Girish Sadana lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He previously lived in Australia, but had to leave as he was stalking a woman there. He now spends time on sites like where he forms friendships with women. Girish is a dangerous individual. If you refuse to speak to him, then he gets angry. He stalks women, and he stalked me. I recieved explicit messages and pictures from him, he found out where I lived and decided he was going to call to my home to “hang out”. He appears to be a loner and cannot keep a job, and so spends his time stalking women on the Internet. I was terrified for my safety when having to deal with this guy.

  13. Xzed says:

    Ahahahhaha genius!!!

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