Lady Gaga in Her Youth

Looking at lady Gaga’s (Stephanie Germanotta) photos in her childhood and youth I find her very pretty.

Lady Gaga in Her Youth (43 pics)

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15 Responses

  1. milly says:

    I still think she’s beautiful now,but it’s amazing to see the change!

  2. doggggie says:

    the nose ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww damng huge.

  3. elbruce says:

    She looks like your average guidette.

  4. mithhiji says:

    she looks good only in one or two..without the rest all of them she looks the same as she looks now…i dont want to quote but in rest she does not look good at all..not weird looks like now but not even good

  5. Pam C says:

    Inside fact: the singer called ‘lady gaga’ is molested mk ultra programmed ‘monarc’-slave(the type they mainly make for the musicbuz&holy wood) who has been designed from her youth to be the entertainer she is today. She rose from nothing to be the biggest pop diva in seconds and if you think that was ‘cos she’s so talented and different your being very naive, sorry. Everything is well planned and organized by the big bosses and this is especially shown in her so called music videos which are nothing else than echoes from the dark masses that ritualistic satanist attend to. Alejandro video presents how one rejects God and turns to be a lusiferian priestess. Wake up kids.

  6. Kimura says:

    Poor, confused little boy. When is Lady Dada gonna come out of the closet and do some tranny porn?

  7. JeramieH says:

    I much prefer the lady in the red shirt and white skirt.

  8. Liz says:

    @Pam C
    Totally, man! I’ve heard many young entertainers are created by mk ultra. It’s really sad what the illuminati is doing!!!

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