More Walmart People

I looove these selections with Walmart people. Can’t get enough of them n_lol

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12 Responses

  1. miniguy says:

    why is everybody so fat in america?

  2. gamamew says:

    not all America, mostly in USA and Mexico ;)

  3. Xbot says:

    LOL i work for walmart i get a 10% discount and i still don’t shop in that place.

    i much rather pay more and shop at Target.

  4. Sam says:

    I always thought niggers were banned in Walmart

  5. Josh says:

    That’s it. I had my doubts before, but this settles it. I’m never going to that country unless I’m forced to, and I’ll kill my way out…

  6. P!ng says:

    Sam :
    I always thought niggers were banned in Walmart

    OY! >:O
    You! Out of the gene pool!

  7. rick says:


  8. metalbuoy says:

    oh how i wanna bang the chick in slide 42 with the pigtails, white boots short black stripper pants and boots.

  9. imkkdk says:

    That’s it, I’ve gone blind. And insane. Are you happy now?

  10. omgwtf says:

    All i can say is “Mother Mercy….”

  1. July 16, 2010

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