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  1. ravi shah says:

    heloo,visbooo……..this article are a fake becoz, this all pics are not indian photos,,,,,these all happen in country of pakistan,,,ok so next time check it out the pics and then rightly publish it,,,,,,,,,sorry for your articles

  2. ravi shah says:

    heloo,visbooo…….not all photos are indian

  3. Arthur Robbins says:

    @ravi shah
    Well, they are definetly from India. Which one you think is not indian?

  4. Gin says:

    well, there might be at most 5 pics which aren’t from India. Maybe from the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh or Pakistan. But yeah, mostly they are from India and the neighbouring countries are also not very different in some matters. However, most of it is true haha :D
    (oh btw, im Indian, so i know)

  5. BABLU says:

    exelent collection, we can see every type of life`s color only in india. “mera bharat mahan”

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