Ordinary America
Ordinary America

Peter Crabtree has created a photo collection “Ordinary American Scenes”. Photographer captures common American scenes in Vermont but this project shows us America-as-it-is. It’s pretty cool to discover usual families, random picturesque places and feel that these photos are more than just pictures of one American state. It’s a voice of the USA!

Carter Campbell, 3, and grandfather, Arthur Campbell Sr.

Ordinary America

Mary Tifft and her daughter’s roses, Pownal, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaMary Kohler and rabbit, Ellie May, Woodford, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaNathan Wallace-Senft and kale plants

Ordinary AmericaCemetery, New Skete Monastery, Cambridge, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaBear in butcher shop

Ordinary AmericaLooking toward Whipstock Hill, Hoosick, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaTractor-trailer accident, Woodford, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaTaxi stand

Ordinary AmericaAndrew Veach

Ordinary AmericaChad Radcliffe, 21, Pownal, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaBrookside Apartments

Ordinary AmericaBeside the Walloomsac River

Ordinary AmericaDufresne Traier Park, Manchester, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaMormon missionary

Ordinary AmericaHoosic River, Pownal, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaMelissa Breznick and daughter, Manchester, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaJohn Altieri

Ordinary AmericaWilma Bink, Eagle Bridge, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaDefendant and sheriff’s deputy, Bennington District Court

Ordinary AmericaJason Burdick, White Creek, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaCynthia Cole

Ordinary AmericaMichael Matteson shows scars from quintuple bypass surgery, Sunderland, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaMennonite family, Walloomsac, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaCross-country meet

Ordinary AmericaSoccer team, Manchester, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaBallplayer, Bennington Bombers

Ordinary AmericaHells Angel, West Arlington, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaSelect Board meeting

Ordinary AmericaOff-campus student housing

Ordinary AmericaDetective Peter Urbanowitz

Ordinary AmericaLouis Tobin, fugitive

Ordinary AmericaJoey Hewson, 16, and Shelby Rowe, 13, Pownal, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaSign, Sunderland, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaSchoolboy, Pownal, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaPastor Oscar and Gloryvee Caraballo, Alpha and Omega Ministries

Ordinary AmericaJacob Esh, Christian bookstore owner and beekeeper

Ordinary AmericaElectric lines, Hoosick, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaShaun Douglas, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

Ordinary AmericaFlowers, Woodford, Vt.

Ordinary AmericaRon Worley and poodle, Eddie

Ordinary AmericaWes Dewey, quarterback, Southern Vermont Storm

Ordinary AmericaNiicole Ruggles, 18

Ordinary AmericaWillow tree

Ordinary AmericaCrows

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