How to cross a Busy Street

This is how you cross a busy intersection on your car.

Street Brawl in Russia (not)

As guy puts it: “We were listening to Rammstein, loud. This guy didn’t like it.”. Here is their conflict caught on video.

Accurate Prediction from 1947!

This French video of 1947 pretty much accurately describes us in 2014
Watch you’ll be amazed – everyone walking here and there with their smartphones, watching movies on them, ignoring each other. Also they even had a prototype of a dash cam recording crashes!

In Russia GoPro ads are Like This

Hillarious and probably a parody but still, where else in the world you gonna wear your GoPro while harvesting (guess what)

Funny Cat Repeats after her Owner, While Sleeping

This funny and cute cat repeats after her owner coughs with her cute sounds. Hard to describe, better watch!