A Well That You Have Never Seen Before

  The Chand Baori is an amazing structure of ancient architecture, astonishing in its scope. The step wells were built only in India, and Chand Baori is the most profound and beautiful step well in the world. Its depth is equal...


Serial Tunnel

You may think it’s an ordinary tunnel. But it’s not. This tunnel in Paris is like a serial killer among tunnels. And the nightmare of the truck drivers.


This Flat in London costs More Than $300,000

It’s hard to believe, but this tiny flat in London will cost you more than $300,000. The flat’s two rooms measure 60.5sq ft. (5.6 sq m.) It has a toilet and a wardrobe. But location is awesome. It’s situated across the...


Strange Sculptures

The sculptures in these photos are by Peter Gronquist who obviously has a vivid imagination. He seems to have a fascination with violence, guns, and hunting.


Painting China Now

Painting China Now consists of 30 oil paintings by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau.Those realistic paintings show people who were tortured and/or killed by Chinese authorities.The paintings were made using the photos, that can be found here.Some images are graphic.