The Life of Kim Jong-il

It looks like North Korean leader Kim Jong-il spends the whole time inspecting factories, libraries and farms all over the country.And notice, he always wears the same coat.


One photo is worth one thousand words

These photography masterpieces can easily catch your eye. Each photo can be stared at for hours, because each one has a thousand stories to tell. I recommend you to look these photos. I myself stared at them with a big pleasure....


Creepy surgical tools from the past

You might think your HMO plan is scary, but at least it doesn’t use these vintage surgical instruments…hopefully. Amputation Knife (1700s)Knives used for amputations during the 18th century were typically curved, because surgeons tended to make a circular cut through the...


Ganguro is going West!

In ganguro fashion, a deep tan is combined with hair dyed in shades of orange to blonde, or a silver grey known as “high bleached”. Black ink is used as eye-liner and white concealer is used as lipstick and eyeshadow. False...


Amazing Oils

The amazing oil paintings in these photos are the work of Paul Robert and they really show off his incredible artistic talent. Most are so lifelike they appear to be photographs. His attention to detail makes his paintings photorealistic.


Kenya Today

Masai warriors, riot policemen, amateur artists and different tribes live in Kenya nowadays. Inside this post you can find spectacular photos of wild nature and “modern” African settlements. Kenya has faced many different situations: conflicts, financial and economic problems, etc. This...