Reflective Moments

Some of the most touching moments in the United States Presidents are shown in these photos taken by Charles Ommaney. It is sometimes difficult to remember that, like movie stars, some of the country’s greatest leaders are just people too. Kind of makes you wonder what they are thinking during these reflective moments.Reflective Moments (26 pics)

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  1. WONDERLUCy says:

    Picture No. 1: I am so tired to explain the people my President plan of work, but they don’t listen to me. Her: If at least I would won the Presidency, I would be doing everything right and he would not be having this kind of stress. No.2: Why I did not became President? No.3: If this economy continue bad, my power elctricity in this office is going to shutt down. No.4: Let’s go to dance this bals, we can do this. No.5: If everything were different then, all my friends were be here today. No.6: Help me Lord. No.7: Good buy suckers, see you in hell. No. 8: I don’t know what to suggest to you to do with this big House, I guess is too much job for you. No. 9: I am so tired, If at least I can go home to take a nap….

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