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  1. Anon says:

    They should totally do that here.

  2. Aurell says:

    i know right? we only have a barely visible ‘surgeon general’s warning’.

  3. ANGEL says:


  4. Whitney says:

    In Canada we have that. The warning takes up about half of the front and back of the pack. (One side is in french, the other english.) Our’s give the stats and health info, as well as a disturbing picture, but it’s not as extreme as Singapore. It doesn’t show you miscarried fetuses (feti?) or gangrenous limbs…. But we still get the teeth, the close-ups of tumours and of course biopsied brains brains of stroke victims.

    Some are worse than others. The pack I have beside me right now says “Children see. Childrens do.” There’s a mother and daugher standing side by side; mom staring off into the distance as she indulgently suckles at her cancer stick. The child, no doubt riddled with all the complications that smoking has caused from the time she was in utero, is shown to have her hand raised and her fingers in a slight “v” shape slightly in front of her mouth. Now unless she’s about the stick out her tounge and make an obsene jester… She’s mimicing her rolemodel.

    Whoa, guilt trip. I need a smoke.

  5. John says:

    However, Cannabis which is a wonderful harmless medicine it’s illegal.. how dumb is that?

  6. Ballzac the king says:

    They just passed federal regulation days ago that says that all cigarette packaging MUST have these on the top half by 2013.

  7. Iori Yagami says:

    These pictures on a box of cigarettes, they have it in Malaysia too.

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