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Although This Girl Is 25 Years Old Now, She Seriously Lacks the Brains

I don’t know even how to describe it. These pictures are worth a thousand words. Not everyone makes such birthday candles.
I warned you.
Although This Girl Is 25 Years Old Now, She Seriously Lacks the Brains (8 pics)

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24 Responses

  1. Brittany says:

    That’s sick! Is this real or Photoshopped?

  2. Arthur Robbins says:

    Seems to be real

  3. Gary says:

    Brain dead…Drugged..wasted..

  4. Asymmetry says:

    She’s not high on drugs. This is done for pleasure, and for other purposes that the average “normal” person does not understand.

  5. Natalie says:

    i bet you she is high in drugs. did you happen to notice the eye on the inside of her arm….METH HEAD!!!!!!!

  6. Natalie says:

    *the eye tattoo*

  7. Aurell says:

    only people on drugs do this weird shit. >_>

  8. Aurell says:

    or she could just be doing it for attention, since theres the fact that she bothered taking pictures of it and posting it on the internet.

  9. Eleanor says:

    Jeeze people, it’s only play piercing. Popular in the fetish/bdsm scene as well as body piercing and body mod scenes, it’s done with small needles that do minimal damage to the skin (usually don’t even leave a permanent scar).
    It makes for interesting visual impact, and isn’t even as painful as the average trip to the dentist.
    There’s NO evidence that she’s stupid or on drugs.
    Don’t be so judgemental, especially if you’ve ever had your ears pierced.

    I think her birthday candle idea is pretty neat!

  10. Hehh says:

    Those aren’t small needles; they’re medium-bore plastic (flexible) IV catheters. It’s obvious this girl either has, or knows someone with, access to medical supplies, so hopefully also had sterile prep and clean-up. She doesn’t appear stoned, since her piercings are pretty even and bloodless till removed. I doubt it hurts more than getting a tattoo.

  11. Hehh says:

    Also, 2 separate instances: one with pink catheters, the other with green. Same girl in both, I think.

  12. She needs help.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  13. rachel says:

    well… at least it seems like she knows what shes doing…she didn’t bleed that much and it seems sterile. whatever.as long as she didn’t hurt herself.

  14. elgart says:

    I think shes insane..

  15. Devils_avocado says:

    The level of ignorance in these comments is incredible!
    The attitude seems to be that if someone is into piercings they are a junkie? Do you really think she just grabbed a bunch of needles & shoved them in her arm?

    How about you consider for a minute that different people have different ideas of beauty & some people like to push the limits of the physical human experience – the sensations of pleasure & pain are very similar, sometimes they’re the same thing.

    You guys enjoy your vanilla lives, I’ll be over there… hanging out with the “freaks & weirdo’s”. We’ll be the ones leading interesting lives with some great stories for the grandkids.

  16. Blimey says:

    She is attracted to the pain killing high the body produces when you endure this sort of pain. This attraction is based on emotional childhood reenactments of physical/psychological abuse.

    Most likely, abandonment by her father.

    Fun to watch though!

  17. T. E. Samad says:

    She may have deep psychological issues, or maybe she just wants attention. The former is most likely.

  18. junior says:

    Well ppl kill for pleasure too that “normal” ppl dont understand. Its a matter of intelligence!

  19. Panda says:

    Absolutely discusting!

  20. ajme says:

    On pictures 5 and 7 look at black spot on elbow. What is that? Tissue necrosis from taking drugs?!

  21. Normal says:

    Eleanor, Devils-Avoc, and Rachel are obviously delusional emo freaks.

  22. Holy says:



    Don’t take me wrong. The needs through the arm is a self destructive behavioural pattern, and many people who do, do it are depressed and are in need of help.


    They get pleasure out of pain, I myself can semi understand as it works for me too.
    Pain or wounds cause your body to numb and give you ‘feel good’ chemicals.

    So there is more than one reason she is doing this, with the tattoo on her arm, I’d wager she is taking drugs, but if you think that is the reason she’s doing this, you’re an idiot.

  23. a non mouse says:

    For those of you that read this far after this much time the necrosis comment is close, the >tattoo< of an eye on the inside of her elbow is meant to cover track marks, and having known people that did it, she IS using heroin. The eyes color and state tell it all. This is nothing strange for someone to do while riding the horse.

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