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  1. t. francis says:

    Nice photos of some architectural treasures not to mention the photographic expertise involved. It would have been nice to include some credit to the original photographer(s)’ or identify sources for the photos. All the same, a fine collection of some well taken photographs.

  2. ACLS says:

    I agree with T. Francis. It’s really lame of you to strip the photos of all source information. Some of these are extremely amazing and I’m irritated that I can’t get more information about the location or the photographer because Visboo thought it was more important that I know that the photo was “The Best of Architectural Photography photo”. Poor showing, Visboo.

  3. Amazing shots! Can you have a tutorial on how to get this great architectural photos? Or a website maybe.

  1. February 9, 2010

    [...] The Best of Architectural Photography – Visboo [...]

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