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  1. Rajko says:

    i definitely think Benicio Del Toro should be number 1 on this list.
    Wolfman was such an amazing movie and the face make-up for Wolfman was brilliant!!

  2. brian says:

    You forgot the best ever…tim curry as the lord of darkness in Legend

  3. Mike says:

    You also forgot Billy Bob Thorton from Sling Blade-a great transformation! And Tim Allen in The Santa Clause

  4. ANTONIO M says:

    Falta Nicole Kidman y deberíais haber puesto el nombre de cada película para la que se transforman. Aunque Julia Roberts no se transforma, ella es así de fea

  5. ANTONIO M says:

    You forgot NICOLE KIDMAN with the movie The Hours. You should write down the names of every movie…JULIA ROBERTS is not transformed into ugly, she is ugly…

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