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  1. adam says:

    Should I say it rare. I would not do that to my body. mattscradle

  2. Ouchhhh… I feel the pain by just looking at it.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  3. ChopperMark says:

    I’ve emailed BME about the images you stole from their website.

  4. yamil says:

    this is a bastard ugly people

  5. kitten says:



  6. kissy says:

    anti bodymods are unimaginative wimps. boring.

  7. you says:

    And bodymods are faggots who think they’re being “an individual” by fucking up their bodies.

  8. Al says:

    You haven’t seen many body mods, have you?
    Otherwise you wouldn’t call them craziest.

  9. WTFreakNutz says:

    Being different is one thing, but these people are ridiculous!

  10. puptentacle says:


    Kissy? Imagination is in my head, not sticking out of my body. This stuff is living proof you don’t need vinegar and water to be a douche…

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