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  1. Darkstar says:

    On the right people some of these looks could be cool…

    1: Hell no. 2: Hell no. 3: Hell no. 4: Hell no. 5: This is cool. Fact. 6: Hell no. At least not before the cut. 7: Hell no. 8: Hell no. 9: This would be cool IF taken in a club, or if it was a Jap girl. 10: This is never cool. Peroid. 11: This is one way not to get fucked with. 12: Hell no. 13: … 14: This guy must be on the hard drugs. Brilliant. 15: GTFO. 16: W-T-F 17: This is the ‘shit’ lol. 18: Look is cool. Model isn’t. 19: This is cool. He is fine to. 20: These blades on a Wesley Snipes look-a-like = awesome.

  2. dacey says:

    The one with the lady looking at herself in the mirror made me feel really sad. And the one with the chick and the stuffed bunny made me want to kill something adorable.

  3. Rob says:

    Um…actually that one with the lady looking at herself was pretty normal. Big deal, some lady who ain’t a stick is actually happy with herself.

  4. Cici says:

    I actually like the shot of the red-head gal and the mirror!! Agree with Rob, just cuz she’s not a stick …

  5. Greg says:

    Most of the guys here will probably not get laid for the next 10 years… except for #2 & 3. And #6 I hope you kill yourself… I hate people like you!

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