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  1. Darkstar says:

    On the right people some of these looks could be cool…

    1: Hell no. 2: Hell no. 3: Hell no. 4: Hell no. 5: This is cool. Fact. 6: Hell no. At least not before the cut. 7: Hell no. 8: Hell no. 9: This would be cool IF taken in a club, or if it was a Jap girl. 10: This is never cool. Peroid. 11: This is one way not to get fucked with. 12: Hell no. 13: … 14: This guy must be on the hard drugs. Brilliant. 15: GTFO. 16: W-T-F 17: This is the ‘shit’ lol. 18: Look is cool. Model isn’t. 19: This is cool. He is fine to. 20: These blades on a Wesley Snipes look-a-like = awesome.

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