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  1. Seriously? says:

    I don’t think she’s THAT hot, and too much makeup! She’s also wwwaaayyyy too into herself that I would not want her to be my teacher or be my daughters’ teacher.

  2. wat says:

    1. Remove make-up
    2. Suffer heart attack

  3. kevin says:

    seriously….your f**king crazy…bet your a chic…or gay….shes smok’n hot…wot planet you from????????????????

  4. ... says:

    i wonder how you got all those pic, she is obsessed with her beauty taking pictures of herself and dressing up for lessons… i wonder if she is allowed to dress up, as far as i know it is not allowed unless she persuades to principle… not that see have too much make up it is the natural colour of the skin of an extremely vain women

  5. Cute!!! says:

    I really like her! Im not an ugly girl, but I couldn`t ever look like that, even with that makeup amount!!

    Yes, she`s a little vain, but she can do it!!

  6. Kai says:

    WHOA geeze… Went a little overboard with that asian eyelid surgery

  7. Picolin says:

    Are those eyes human?? wtf.. she pretty sure… but also a bit scary..
    there is something wrong .. im not sure what but..

  8. Mai Linh says:

    @Kai Its not eyelid surgery. Its optical illusion because of the circle lens. lot of asian ulzzangs use them.

    anyway so what she takes lot of pictures of her? she is prety and cute so give her a brek…dont be jealous ok. and she does not wear make up. only her eyes. her skin is natural. maybe in some photos she used a little light to make it look more softly. but look at the photo where she hold microphone.her skin is like that, natural

  9. Ig says:

    Her eyes are photoshopped to look bigger.

  10. youwish says:

    She’s pretty, but ridiculously vain, and WHAT IN HELL IS WRONG WITH HER EYELIDS?!

  1. December 2, 2010

    [...] This sexiest teacher name is Zhu Songhua and she is China’s sexiest female teacher. I never even knew that you could vote on your teacher as the sexiest. Do you think the children that attend her elementary classes learn anything, or spend the time dreaming and drooling over her pretty face? (link) [...]

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