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  1. Cu.nt sucker says:

    why do America always go to silly places around the world an fight other people?
    why haven’t America won a single war since ww2? and that were achieved with more than a little help from Russia..
    lol fags!

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah we’re so silly for going after those responsible for 9/11… We haven’t fully “won” a war since WWII because of liberal pansies like yourself that constantly call to an end to the fighting. Our politicians, looking for reelection, give up before the job is done. It’s kind of hard to win a war when they take you out of it before you can finish. Why call us fags? Is it because we fight for the nation we love so much? Or possibly so that internet tough guys, such as yourself, can blog from the safety of your moms basement in between jerk-off sessions? You sleep soundly in your bed because rough men stand ready to visit violence on your behalf. Have you ever believed in anything worth fighting for?

  2. Cu.nt sucker says:

    the soldiers in Afghanistan are Fags!

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