What Happens to a Dead Elephant in Zimbabwe

Let’s see what happens to a dead elephant when its body is found by people in Zimbabwe.What Happens to a Dead Elephant in Zimbabwe (9 pics)

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22 Responses

  1. Alonso says:

    Disgusting. Fucking humanity has become a virus. An plague that will never stop reproducing. I hate being a part of it.

  2. Robin says:

    Stand by your words and kill yourself if you hate it so much, and dont watch the matrix over and over.

    @pictures, good to see a dead animal does not go to waste. Assuming it was not killed by these people or poachers (the tusks are still on in the first picture)

  3. Sode says:

    What’s disgusting about this. It looks like the Elephant died a natural death no? Ten why waste the meat? If our African antsesters didn’t do this, u would be here. If you hate being part of it, man, it’s easy to end it hey.

  4. Sean says:

    I can’t blame those people. Thanks to Mugabe and his socialist policies (f.e. seizing the properties of white farmers) Zimbabwe is a disaster where people are struggeling to survive.
    I bet that those people who voted him in office in the past are now pulling their hairs from their heads in desparation

  5. Joey says:

    Poor thing… makes me wanna listen to Meat is Murder

  6. A Sane Person says:


    You’re a fucking moron, please stop reproducing. I’m left wondering if the author knows where his beef burgers come from. (*HINT* The cows don’t shit them out)

  7. blabla says:

    get them some real food

  8. Jeroen says:

    Tis made think of that scene in the Lord of War (with Nicholas Cage) where the plane was stripped in one day.

  9. Roelof says:


  10. Me says:

    We’re descended of maggots, …

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