When Female Inmates Take Photos of Their Life in Prison

An interesting experiment took place in a Romanian prison for women. The inmates received a total of 6 Canon PowerShot cameras and were taught how to use them. During the first two months, 14.000 photos were taken!


When Female Inmates Take Photos of Their Life in Prison (65 pics)

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36 Responses

  1. iU says:

    No words to express or preview how and when humanity emerges. If an image tells more than 1000 words… those images speak with thousands of words… 1001 is infinite in some cultures.

    Thanks for your initiative. Goodness, wisdom and beauty wishes for you all.

  2. there is some really UGLY people in that country and most of them look like the enjoy “slashing up”.. spose thats a way to get what you want in there….

  3. Diana says:

    @spudz Mcchord
    Including U. They might be ugly outside, you are UGLY inside, Please! think outside your pathetic box.

  4. Juliet says:

    That statement regarding their looks is what’s ugly. Jesus does not discriminate because of how someone might look. Jesus was described as undesirable in terms of looks in the Bible. What a hurtful thing to say about any woman.

  5. Turkey says:

    This is a female prison? Please, this is dormitory living compared to real prison.

  6. Kim says:

    stunning photos

  7. lizzie says:

    @spudz Mcchord ugh you’re totally right. grossss @diana…are you an inmate too? i’m sure past their rough disgusting exteriors, beneath their criminal minds, they are totally beautiful people, on the inside. whatever you say! hah.

  8. Gumbyus Maximu says:

    Interestingly enough, the overwhelming majority, by far, are gypsies. Ugly ones at that. It reminds me of US prisons where you see a lot of blacks.

  9. Dan says:

    I agree with not judging a book by its cover but they are in a prison and they are there for a reason. I’m sure a few were minor crimes which hold different standards in different countries but like i said its a prison.

  10. Rynna says:

    Some of the photos are pretty good and artistic! Bravo! Well, everyone is free to comment on these images captured by the inmates but let’s not judge them of their physical looks or the crime they have committed.

  11. iU says:

    Rynna, I agree with you. I agree who can see a bit farther of skin and past… Everyone in prison should be able to take a deep look inside and recreate their life… anyone enywhere with the slightest hope of changing his mind. Art may help an inner work as sport can help the outer work.

  12. Han says:

    As I looking at the pictures, it is quite fascinating, many of them look friendly but on the same time not. Beyond their icy stare, what crime did they commit? Do some of them have children outside, just like male prisoners? Are they alone in the world? Do they have a lover outside world?

    Sometimes a picture tells a 1000 word as they say, but on the same time a picture only tells a story for that moment in which it will give us a biased view towards the situation. If there was no title for this article, we might have thought some of the pics are taken in the “outside” world of Romania and didn’t realised all these women are actually criminals (might also be dangerous ones).

  13. iU says:

    For God sake, give this people a new chance on your mind. However they have a past, their present might be changing them and some of those visages are looking to future. For sure there’re some bloody nuts criminals there… But I’m sure most of them have been jailed for silly or miserable actions, as most of the jailed world wide community.

    Give them a chance, give it to you too.

  14. banksiaman says:

    There just bored crims .Long may they stay where they are

  15. iamrightyouarewrong says:

    Looks like a fucking summer camp, not a prison.

  16. lea michele says:

    that is a crazy time in prison. jump pick is cool.

  17. Maartje says:

    Stunning photo’s. Make me wonder about each of their stories.
    I was wondering about some of the scars and tattoo’s. With some it’s perfectly clear that they’re self-made or prison-tattoo’s, but with the Emmanuel ones I started to wonder. I’ve read and heard more than once that pimps often ask their women to tattoo their names over their whole body (or at least once across the chest). Have you read that as well and do you think it applies to that woman? As for the scars.. For me scars on the outside of the arm are less common than scars on the inner arms (or other places that can be ‘hidden’). Why would that be? Maybe they’re not self-inflicted, or they are and it was, as someone mentioned, more of a cry for attention?

    I don’t know, photo’s like these make me wonder. I wish I could know more about these women. I feel like there is something ambivalent in every photo; most of the women look soft and hard (warm/cold) at the same time.

    I agree with someone above who said that we wouldn’t know that these photo’s were taken in prison if not for the title. Quite interesting, when you think about it.

  18. cho cho says:

    No woman deserves that. My heart goes to all women in prisons all over the world. There needs to be a replacement to prisons in general…. if only there was though, until then sadly I guess we can’t change that.

  19. FalConer says:

    I believe this piece simply gives voice to the old adage;a picture is worth a 1,000 words.
    That voice speaks not what most see First, incarcerated women; but to the beauty of humanity, interaction; a small livable world,carved out of truly harsh environment. Let us also remember these pictures aren’t in U.S. prisons. This is simple art, beautifully done.

  20. nato2101 says:

    @Diana Correct me if I’m wrong but people normally get sent to prison for being criminals, and normally crimes are connected by people who aren’t all that “beautiful on the inside”. But then maybe where you come from it is the other way round.

  21. go screw yourself says:

    @spudz Mcchord
    I could tell you are a hateful person who has no life. These women are from my country, so i can understand their struggles and pain. Its not that easy being a woman sometimes, especially in a country where the women have no voice.

  22. Markus says:

    Gumbyus Maximu is right, most of them seem to be gypsies. Why is it, that they seem to have so much problems adapting to society?

  23. Jimmy Gunn says:

    This appears to be a minimum or medium security prison, that’s why it looks so pleasant to the untrained eye. I think the arm slashes are either defensive, or an initiation ritual of some kind. The Gypsies seem to be persecuted all over Europe. I read that linguistically gypsies have an Indo-European dialect similar to Sanskrit, it’s believed they are descendants of a warrior cult that was forced out of India about 1200 A.D. who were outcasts where ever they went, and so developed an insular culture out of necessity which only made it harder to integrate into dominant cultures. If it is institutionalized racism some might not be there for serious crimes at all.

    • Jo says:


      “I think the arm slashes are either defensive, or an initiation ritual of some kind.”

      No, those are typical scars of a cutter. A person who self-harms with a knife or whatever at hand. Google ‘self injury’ for more information.

    • Jo says:

      “I think the arm slashes are either defensive, or an initiation ritual of some kind.”

      No, those are typical scars of a cutter. A person who self-harms with a knife or whatever at hand. Google ‘self injury’ for more information.

  24. tim says:

    Were the hell are the rest of the shower photos?

  25. stfu says:

    Being ugly on the inside is what got these bitches locked up. Get out of your pathetic box and into reality. With that said Women prison is cake compared to male prison. Looks like a fucking health spa or some vacation retreat for lesbians rather than a punishment. They encourage violence amongst men and the opposite for women. Sickens me the double standards in this world. Arts and crafts would be make a shank hour in male prison. Take pictures in male prison and count how many smiles you see. Rehab is always reserved for women. Pathetic BS. DUI with injury to passengers for a man is 9 years prison. DUI with death of a pedestrian child 3 years probation for woman. Yeah that is a real scenario that happened right here in San Diego, CA. Open the paper and read with my own eyes. Men are considered monsters rather than human. Men lives are expendable and worthless just look at a sinking ship. Women and children first. Simple fact is it only takes one man to populate the entire earth. No need for extras we can kill them all off in wars or rot them away in a cell. They can be replaced every nine months by some cow and the more cows the better.

  26. blanca says:

    i like the photos u know they illustrate to us that these women even though they are in prison for crimes-however serious, they are people just like us and in prison they are given an opportunity to reform

  27. vasile says:

    This is not Romania. Those women are hispanic.

  28. MAULY says:

    lmao@tim….right?! wtf are the rest of the shower photos….and those pictures of the “girlfriends” hugging…what about their other pictures? i totally thought it was gonna be real art….you know, with no censorship on the nudity! as for the big debate on the people in the prison, i wonder if there is a way to write them and tell them i have their pictures. i could use some “penpals” with cameras heh heh heh.

  29. psykhe says:

    @spudz Mcchord
    there are different etnicities in Romania, and not all the people are ugly… there are also many blond haired and pretty girls… don’t just judge without having complete experience. If I see pictures of ugly americans, do I have the right to say all americans are ugly? Sorry, but I hate ignorance, it is far worst then physical ugliness, because for the ignorance one can only blame him/herself.

  30. psykhe says:

    hmmm, they look like gypsies to me, some look romanian though

  31. Liliana says:

    People use your noggins!
    Look at the letters from the alphabet on the wall and the paragraph in her book… can you tell which country that is?

    Anyone who looks at and automatically judges the womans looks is an egotistical waste of a human. We don’t need more judgmental sheeple.

  32. Roy Keven says:

    mmm…..It just caught my eyes… bring my mind to outer space

  33. joseph says:

    some of the gypies women in that prison are really beautiful . i write to a women in prison in texas in u.s.a. you think east eupore prison are bad try texas prison there really bad place to serve time they do pay there inmates for jobs they work and they charge the inmates in texas u.s.a $100.00 every time they see the prison doctor . but i like alot of young gypies women in u.s.a shirt and black shorts she really hot and have nice body and i would like to write her if any body know the prison address there ? joseph mount holly new jersey u.s.a.

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