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14 Interesting Facts about India

Today we are going to tell you fourteen interesting and curious things about India you probably never knew about. Let’s start with number one:

1. Indian housewives hold 11% of the World’s gold. That is more than the reserves of USA, IMF, Switzerland and Germany put together.

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  1. Chris November 17, 2014

    The piece on the barber, Ramesh Babu is a bit misleading. Here is what I found regarding him:

    “Ramesh Babu bought a Maruti Van with his meagre savings in 1994. By 2004, he had a fledgling car rental business with seven regular cars. In 2014 he has a fleet of 200 cars. What is even more extraordinary is the 75 luxury cars on the fleet- a range of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten seater luxury vans and, his ultimate pride, a Rolls Royce.

    So don’t think he was just a simple barber that saved up to buy a car.

    • vivek January 6, 2015

      Yes you are correct…the Black and Yellow color of license plate is for commercial vehicles in India

    • Prashant January 9, 2015

      ffs how dare these third world barbers save up enough to buy a rolls royce when you and your mum live off welfare, am I right, Chris ?

    • vin January 11, 2015

      You sir , are a genius .
      And I thought the writer was implying that a guy who owns those set of wheels still enjoys the pleasure of hard labor .

      • Sudarshan January 19, 2015

        @Prashant: why cant they save up to buy rolls royce after all its a free country. and as Chris stated he had a wonderful car rental service so it was his luck he got enough money and grew up. and still enjoys cutting hair so why cant they save up money(if you are wondering im just a 16 yr old boy.)

        • Tony January 29, 2015

          It was sarcasm, what prashant said. Honestly, it’s hard to get what people actually mean with written words.

  2. priyadarshan November 24, 2014

    there are so many misleading things in this post. first, not every village has its own god, but every clan has one, second, the picture of the train they have shown is from Bangladesh during eid festival. by showing anything, please don’t mock India. visit India if you want to see what real India is.

    • Safar Raj Hossain December 8, 2014

      Bangladeshi people don’t wear “salwer”. How Mr./Ms.Priyadarshan concludes that the people who are traveling by train are Bangladeshis ?

      • siddhant gupta December 11, 2014

        well let me clarify, its image of chhatt pooja where thousands of biharis flee to bihar for celebration of their festival regardless of their reservation

        • sks December 13, 2014

          The train picture is from Pakistan. Neither of India nor Bangladesh.

          • itisme December 30, 2014

            It is indeed a train from Pakistan..where people are going to attend a congregation in the city of Multan..!!

          • manzoor kashmiri January 3, 2015

            Yes the train is from pakistan

          • godfather January 5, 2015

            yeah. the train is not from india and i am 100% sure about it. Indians dont were clothes like what is shown in the picture.

        • Amit December 30, 2014

          Shiddhant gupta, rebrush your knowledge
          1. I am a bihari and never seen such train in my life. I am 34.
          2. No Bihari, not even Indian, wears such kurta pajamas.
          3. Indians have enough sense, they dont travel like this.
          3. Most indian rail routes are electrified and biharis are not that much excited to celebrate chhat puja , with risk of getting electrocuted.
          I have much more to write, but i am stopping here.

          This is in image of Pakistan. And i hope it not a part of regular travel. It might be a image of band or strike kind of thing.

          • uday January 5, 2015

            I do agree with Amitji. And Siddhanth, stop behaving like freaky. I on my part do believe that there is so much rush during chaath puja but not a single train, what u have depicted in the picture. FYI I am also from central Bihar and frequently travel from Patna to new Delhi.

        • vik January 3, 2015

          Maybe it’s high time that you know about india. I am not from bihar, but i know people from any part of india are not this illiterate to take such high risk.

        • ali January 3, 2015

          These people are going to join TCS.
          Just Kidding

      • jasmit January 5, 2015

        Burqa man.

      • supreeth January 9, 2015

        i can certainly say that the image 11 is not from india.

  3. Ayonam Ray November 27, 2014

    Well, Indian Railways is indeed the largest employer in the world but that picture is not of Indian Railways. It has been several decades since we had people travelling on train tops.

    Also, Ramesh Babu did make a humble beginning as a barber, which he continues as his profession since it happens to be his ancestral family profession. He says that he feels restless if he doesn’t practice it. However, he earned his millions by starting a taxi business. He started very small with a single second hand Maruti Omni. However, he later on changed track to serve only luxury cars to his well-off clientele. I have been to his saloon at the Bowring Institute in Bangalore and seen it first hand. I have also spoken to his staff who gave me his mobile number to book an appointment for a haircut.

  4. pragati November 27, 2014

    image shown with GULABI GANG is actually of supporters of a political party (AAP) and not of the actual gang.

  5. shailesh karki November 30, 2014


  6. SK Verma December 1, 2014

    Misleading & wrong interpretation about 300 million different gods. In fact the term is 33- koti Gods, wrongfully popuiarly taken as 330 million (33 crore) gods. Koti in sanskrit also means 10-million but contextual meaning of koti is categories, not of gods but deities (divine manifestations)

  7. Amandeep December 2, 2014

    In India The Hindus have 90 crores i.e 900 million Demi Gods and Goddesses unlike u mentioned only 300 million. Monkeys , Rats , Snakes , Elephants are also considered as Gods , Sex Organs(Shiv Linga) of Shiva and Female organ of Parvati is also worshipped by pouring Milk onto it.

    • amit December 3, 2014

      Mr. Amandeep your information is totally wrong

      • sakesh December 5, 2014

        Amandeep is absolutely right.We first worshiped nature in all its forms .we worship linga and yoni for the birth of humanity.

  8. Indian girl December 3, 2014

    Children’s day 9 months after Valentines day?? Nonsense!! Its because the first Indian Prime Minister was born on that day and because he liked children.

  9. Sunil December 4, 2014

    The Picture shown of the Train loaded with People is from Pakistan railways.

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