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How Funny Socks Can Make You More Successful?

The scientists from Harvard Business school have discovered that people who wear funny socks to their office jobs or business meeting seem to others to be more successful, talented and smart.

That might be the reason more and more famous politicians, business leaders and even Wall Street brokers start wearing colorful cool socks.

Irish prime minister show casing his new pair of socks

Person who wears funny socks looks like a man who can afford it in the eyes of others. He is so sure in himself he doesn’t need the approval of others of how he looks.

The colorful socks also raise one’s self esteem according to another study. Also productivity is improved according American psychologist Joshua I. Davis who found out that the cloths affects the productivity of the workers of his lab.

Even though you might be shy and not that confident yet, rock those crazy socks because you’ll have people fooled into thinking that you work on Wall Street and are super confident. “Fake it until you make it”, remember that saying? Be brave, science is here to back up your fashion choices.

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