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Super cars wrecks

Once they were classy, expensive and beautiful cars and everybody was delighted when they saw them but now, these cars or what is left from them are somewhere out there rusting.  We tried to collect the most as we can for your viewing pleasure:
Super cars wrecks (104 pics)

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  1. joe April 5, 2010

    2 miuras wtf

  2. Adrian Grossett November 8, 2010

    Wow I am a sucker for wrecked cars – i seem to vision them brand new – restored to there original elegance – however am a Web designer – lol. Brilliant examples of classics and with the £ and time they could be restored and be worth a lot of money!

  3. transfor2 November 9, 2010

    well, this was really wrecking by the a dinosaur fossil..!!
    But anyway this remaining residual stuff could be fixed in.. i’d like to see it and bring it back to their glory..!!

  4. Chris November 19, 2010

    All the benz pics make me sad, they should still be driving.

    My daily driver is a heckflosse benz, which are the pink and blue ones near the top. Read a bit about it, one of the most important cars to come out of the 50’s and it’s still my daily driver.

  5. DAVE January 27, 2011

    WOW ! I almost stopped Scrolling seeing all that British and German SLAG …Then WOW some insane cool one’s get me their address’s please…

  6. Jsp January 14, 2015

    It-s not abandoned. Its mine.

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